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Thursday, May 13, 2010

And he plays

sort of....... This past Monday we had soccer again and finally the weather was nicer then the last weeks. Lil O did not even want to play last week and he was whining not wanting to go on the field unless I was with him but that was a problem because I had Ri and Si with me (surprisingly Ri stayed off field and just sat and watched while he was covered with the blanket) anyways the game/practise was cut short because of the snow and rain that started to fall on us all. When we got home I talked with Lil O (trying not to show my disappointment because really I should not be) and then it hit me I knew how to get him on the field to at least try and play without whining and without mommy or daddy standing next to him. Grandma had giving him and Ri a plan to build and fly.... well I told him that if he play next Monday we will build the plane and fly it the next day. 
SO all week he kept bringing it up and saying that he was going to play soccer and not be shy so we can build the plane. Monday comes and we all start to walk to the field and as we were walking down the hill guess who wipes out...Lil O. well I thought the was the end (dh did to) and Lil O was crying and all dramatic Dh looked like he was ready to turn and take him home because he scratched his knee, I said no we will still go and watch (thinking he is not going to get off that easy) buy the time we got to the field he was better and was ready to play. Dh was walking Lil O onto the field and Lil O turned to him and said "Dad why are you out here with me go sit" Dh turned around sat next to me and said guess I am not I said no he just really wants the plane.. 
 Lil O did awesome and he had tones of fun, kicked the ball a few time almost scored a goal even all the while a big ole smile on his face. He would even run by us and give the thumbs up or wave.

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