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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Li O had his 1st soccer meet and he was a little shy to begin with so daddy had to go on the field with him as the coach was showing them what to do. He would not really interact with the other kids (which makes me feel guilty, since we are hardly around any his age). half way through he started to have a smile on his face and then they played a game and he actually was running for the ball but would not kick it. When it was turn to switch off for a break he did not understand that he had to wait till the coach called him back onto the field  because he was raring to go. When it was his turn to play again all seemed great the bam he ran off the field to us and did not want to go back. Meanwhile Ri, Si and I were shivering because it was cold and I failed in bringing a blanket with us. 

Ri was wanting to go so Dh stayed with lil O (which surprised me that Lil O stayed at all) and I walked back home with Ri and SI. Only to to not have the house keys on me so we had to sit outside and wait for Dh and Lil O to show up. thankfully the house was blocking the wind. 
I guess Lil O did not play anymore after we left because he wiped out and started to cry.

anyways here are a couple of shots of him playing.

web 26Apr2010_2097 O soccer

web 26Apr2010_2111 O Soccer

So now I hope he plays on his own this Monday since Dh has to work or it will be interesting to say the least with Si and Ri with me.

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