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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Mine is bigger

The boys were on the deck and our neighbor was out back in his yard and I over heard Lil O talking with our him and he ask "J" if his house was bigger then ours J responded with "hmm I don't think so" Lil O said Oh (then a long pause, I knew at that point he was checking out the houses) then he piped up and said yeah my house is bigger then yours, yours is small. J laughed.
Out of the mouth of kids....

*Just to let you know our house is a two story walk out and the neighbors is a bungalow walkout.

Now for Ri, the little guy is a nightmare for potty training he is driving me insane! The boy just does not seem to care if he goes in his pants and if I ask if he needs to go potty he yells and says NO I"M EMPTY! I still take him and he still goes potty...(so much for being empty eh) Some days are good other days not so good.

Si is still breastfeeding and is eating some sweet potatoes, broccoli,  cauliflower, peas and butternut squash and is loving every bite, apparently to him I do not feed him fast enough he makes the strangest noise and his little hands and feet go like made till I stuff his mouth with food.

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