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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A shot for you and for you

Took Lil O and Si to the clinic the other day and we survived.

In the morning I tried to prep Lil O before we got there. I mention that he and Si are going for a check up today and that the nurse is going to weight and measure them, his response "Oh (pause) am I going to get a needle? because I don't want a needle." How he thought of that not sure. I just mentioned that the check up was to see how they are growing and they may have to get one to help them not get sick. again he said "Ohh, (pause) what about Ri?" Ri does not need one yet since he is not going to school soon. "Oh, ... then I don't want to go to school" lol

Si handled it all as well as could be he cried for a moment then was done.

here are the boys comparison at 6mths
Lil O
Weight ~ 14.1 lbs (6.3 kilogram)
Height ~ 66cm (26. Inches)
Head Cir ~
43cm (17 inches)

Weight ~ 14lbs 2oz ( 6.4 kilogram)
Height ~ 64cm (25.2inch)
Head ~ 42.2cm (16.61 inch)

Weight ~ 14lbs 2oz ( 6.4 kilogram)
Height ~ 66cm (25.9inch)
Head ~ 43cm (16.9 inch)

and here I was thinking Si was the chunkier one and he is not.

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