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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Oh no he didn't

As I was sitting feeding Si and the boys were on the couch watching a cartoon. Lil O gets off the couch then turns to Ri bends over to Ri's foot and bites him, it was like slow motion I really was not believing what I was seeing Lil O is 4 and is biting his 2yr old brother! What the!!! Ri was in disbelief too and then he screamed. I called Lil O over and said that was not nice and we do not bite people so I think you need a little time alone in your room, he responded with "no no I will be nice now" I said it was a little late for that and he needs to go to his room..... as he walks off he starts to cry and scream well more like a growl all the way to his room. Ri came over to me a showed me the owie..yup teeth marks.

After a few minute Lil O came back down and I asked him to apologize to his brother, Then I asked why he did it and he said "I don't know" those are the famous words right now he seems to not know why he does anything. I told him when you feel mad and frustrated with someone you need to leave the room and have a little time to yourself ... we do not hit, throw or bite.

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