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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Oh that sister of mine

She just about got me too... J loves to throw a prank out there every now and then.

J called me and asked if I checked my email yet today, I said no. She told me to go look because she wants to know if it is true......(I am already flustered at this point with something else.) I open my email and I see this:

I think "what the" when I read it....and wondered how or how someone could do this. Then I started to look at it more and thinking to myself that is not a scanned image and the typo error.....I am still investigating it when I hear her start to giggle, then I new it was a joke.... I told her she almost had

She wants to do this to my other sis H...

I have to think of something to get her back....hmmmmmm

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