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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Got my butt out the door

and went to one of the parks here in the city. It has been awhile since I walked around this park. In the winter it is a skating rink.... Lots of memories came back, funny how that happens, memories of when I was about 5 or 6yrs old. There was a play park with rides and little cars to ride and a kiddie train that went around part of the park...But all that is gone and it is closed off it is just traces of those rides left and the track of the train (I should of took a photo of that).
They did put of little kid parks along the path ways tho I saw about 4 of them.
I was impressed at how well the park was kept up, an elderly lady stopped to chat and she said that she has been coming to this park since 1951 and for a while she said that it was not looking good and now it is a beautiful park to walk around in and she gets such a pleasure at seeing little ones walking around here.

I love digital because I shot over 200 photos today........

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Gisele said...

Ahh, I used to take my kids there, and a couple of times went in the winter to go skating. I loved it down there. You made me homesick :)