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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Should Orion be on a regular schedule now? I have know clue, I try to do a schedule but either he starts to cluster feed and throws it off or DH throws it off, don't get me wrong DH (Orson) does a wonderful job he is so hands on with Orion I could not ask for a better DH and a daddy. So for those who have BTDT any thoughts on scheduling let me know. On the 27th we went to uncle Johns b-day dinner and my sister Heather thought it would be cute to put Orion in the roast pan, well he did fit. Here is my little Turkey

(Click on pic to see bigger)

Orion seems to spit up A lot latley after every feed, is this normal?

He also scared the living b-jeeshes out of me yesterday by holding is breathe while sucking down the bottle then trying to catch his breathe and turning blue at the same time.... he is out to scare me & it is working.

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Trena said...

Hey Yvette,
great pic.

As for the spitting up my son did that and turns out he was lactose intolarant; so we had to change to a different formula, sometimes it takes weeks and months to build up a intolarence.

As for sleeping both my babies were sleeping 10 hours by 8-14 days old, my grandam said to keep it really dark and no lights at night when they would wake up and feed and then during the day well there is light..

of course your lil man is a bit smaller so he might need to eat more..

Does he have a daily routine of sleep times and eat times yet?

I love reading your journal sweetie..

Darren said...

Hi Yvett,

Everything going ok, Having fun with the baby, Kids are lots of fun. Anyways I just thought I'd drop you a line to say hi.