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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Guess who is 9lbs 15oz...

yup Orion my little He is 23inches his little curve on the scale did a spike Dr is impressed. I asked about formula and she went and gave me 3 cans of Enfamil... I love my Dr.

It took my 1hr to get to the Dr office which is normally a 30min dr, all this construction on the roads is driving me crazy, It took me 15min to get thru one set of lights because of it. grrrr

Got to the Dr they were about to call me they figured it was traffic and then trying to find a parking space exspecially one that I know I will get the carseat in and out of and not have some person park like a sardin neck to me. When I got in to the office the Nurse D came right around from her desk and took Orion from my arms and gave him a big hug (she loves babies) As we waited in the room Orion started to get fussy (wants to eat) and he is naked except his diaper so buy the time Dr N walks in Orion is crying she whispers sweet nothings in his ear he quiets down a bit she weighs and measures him real fast then he starts to scream again. When she was done she asked if Orion was going to see Santa today, I said that was my plan but I totally forgot and did not dress him right but I thought ohwell he still looks cute. Set up Orion's next appt for Jan 19th then we went on the hunt for Santa. Surprizinly there was no line when we found him nice and smooth.......ahhhhhh

Here is a pic of Orion with Santa, ofcourse Orions tongue is sticking inbetween his lips

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Trena said...

OMG that picture is priceless..

What Doll!

Way to Go Orion on the weight awesome!

He looks like one handsome little man 8)