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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

18 month well 22 month check up

Si had his 18month check up but he is almost 22months I forgot to book it then I got the notice in the mail.

He is 23lbs (give or take he was screaming and wiggling to get off the weigh scale) and his height was 35inc (again give or take since yup you guessed it wiggling and screaming) Handled his needle well only cried for a couple of minutes.
It was funny because the nurse was explaining things to me and Lil O was sitting beside me and I guess he had his hand up to as the nurse a question I did not notice till the Nurse said and yes young man you have a question.
He asked "I don't get a needle till grade 5 right?" yes said the nurse " then he said looking smugly over at Ri "Ri will need one soon because he is 4" the Nurse look at Ri and said yes very soon. Ri then at this point looks up from his leapster and gave a coy smile and announced "No I won't need one thanks."

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