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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Shaking my head

I was feeding Si yesterday afternoon while the two older boys were playing up stairs. I could her them giggling away and running around Lil O lately loves talking about his body parts and was yelling one out quiet often, I told him that that is enough and to stop. I finished up with Si and could still here the other to giggling I heard Ri say oh there is a red car.. so I decided to sneak upstairs to see what they were doing (did not expect what I saw) and I neared the top of the stairs I heard lil O say the P( body part word) when I peaked over the ledge I saw they had no shirts on I thought ok they are copying daddy earlier walking around with no shirt till I see Ri get up onto the back of the couch (which is up against the large window to the front) the boy was naked I looked quickly to lil O and yup sure enough naked too....I then yelled out what do you too think you are doing they jumped down and scrambled to their rooms...( I am fighting the urge to laugh). Oh my poor neighbors were being flashed by my 5yr old and 3yr old boys...great.

I then explained to them that it is not nice to do that to people and that their body parts are private only for them to see. Mommy, daddy and the Dr at certain times other then that not for anyone else. I then later asked Lil O how many cars did they show themselves to? He said um 4. I then asked did they all see you boys and shook his head and said not all.

This all got me thinking again about how to protect them and make them aware of the "bad" people out there. I don't know how to really explain it all to them in the right way so they are not scared of everyone but atleast aware of them and how not to keep secrets from mommy & daddy. Any one know of any good books on this?


K77 said...

Protecting The Gift by Gavin de Becker. Excellent book though it is tough reading (emotionally) at times.

YA said...

Thanks I will check it out.