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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Flowers for me

the boys were playing in the back today and they started chatting it up with the back neighbor DD "N" then the next thing I new she was over the I asked her if her mom knew she climbed over she said her little sister told the mom. They played for a bit then Lil O invited her in to see his room....great the house is not that clean.

Back outside and I saw she was trying to climb back over and looked like she was having trouble then her mom came out with a latter and shaking her head saying I can not believe you climbed over.

That is one way to meet the well dh and her dh have spoken but I have never really seeing her outside.

The boys played out for a bit longer and then Lil O came inside and said "momma I have a surprise for you" so I turned to look at him and he had this big ole smile on his face and that is when he pulled his hand from his back and there before me was my 1st Dandelion bouquet 
dandelion bouquet

He was mighty proud of himself and insisted I put them in a vase.

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