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Sunday, November 08, 2009

Trick or Treat!

We took the boys to the mall on Halloween before we went trick or treating at grandmas.

When we got to the mall Ri was not so interested to do ANYTHING so I had to make him put on his lion outfit then I had to tell him he had to walk up to the people if he wanted treats because mommy was not going to keep doing it for him. Lets just say I was probably more excited the they were to be at the mall:

Grandma Dressed up:
Trick or treating at the Mall

Lil O (would not smile)
Trick or treating at the Mall

Ri getting treats
Trick or treating at the Mall

both boys
Trick or treating at the Mall

out at grandma and grandpa's
Trick or treating

Trick or treating

some houses near grandma and grandpa's

The boys just tried to enter a couple of house this year, on dog scared Lil O but he stood his ground and waited for his treats.

The boys have not asked for any treats since then and well mum has not offered but instead I have been eating them....not good...well they are good...but not good.

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