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Friday, July 17, 2009

28Wks 3days

Had an u/s today and it went well. Si is staying put or as the u/s tech said looks like fort Knox in there he is not going anywhere. Dh, the boys, my mum and B all came, I guess when I was walking towards the nurse (they talk with you 1st and take your blood pressure before the u/s) Ri was looking thru the glass window in to the hall/elevator area and saw my reflection and freaked and jumped off dh and ran out into the hall thinking that is where I went, guess they had a goo chuckle over it.

Well my blood pressure was 110/58. As I was back in the waiting area Si started to move around alot and my tummy was bouncing all over the place.

Si is head down at the moment and is measuring at 29wks and weigh approxamently 2lbs 12os

When the tech was done with all her measurments that is when mum and B came in to see. Si was practicing his breathing and was even opening and closing his mouth sucking on his fingers and he was doing something I never saw with any of my u/s he was opening and closing his eyes, The tech said that that was even werid she never saw it either.

Well here is the little man:

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