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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Lets go......Potty

Yes we have entered into potty land. Lil O has gone potty before in the past but mummy here has been a little lazy I will admit, I get caught up in other things and forget about the potty time. For the last 3 days I have been faithful taking lil O to the potty every 20-30min and he is kind of getting it. As he asks to go potty that is when he is peeing so not quiet there yet.. lol When wets his pants I get him to take them off himself (he does not like that much) I tell him if he peepees in his pants he has to take them off and ofcourse that means touching all the wetness...he is like eweww yuck momma...I respond with, well then pee in the When he pees in the potty he gets a sticker of his choice and proudly wears it... :)

Ri likes to copy him and sits on the other potty but he is fully clothed, freaks out some when I get him to sit on it without the diaper....I will take that as him not being quiet ready yet.

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