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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Ya know I love summer

but I really do not like the bees, wasps and spiders that come with it. Why do they bother me now? They never use to.

I was outside the other day with my sis H and mum and the boys and a couple of bees (I think the were bees) kept flying around us and it just gives me the creepies... and then we all watched as not one but to went under my lower deck ack so that means I probably have a nest under I will avoid going out till dh or someone gets rid of them. So we went up to the upper deck let the boys play some more and then another dang bee comes along and kept coming and going and I just had it because is was flying right around Lil O's face and started to freak him out, H grabbed lil O and I grabbed Ri and in we went. This just sucks I want to enjoy the outdoors as do my boys the love outside but I do not want to get attacked by bees and wasp and why are they so dang huge now they never use to be this big when I was a kid. I really have to get over this but even right now just typing this I get the shivers and creepies....

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sara said...

We have this crazy huge mama bee that swarms our back yard. I swear she reappears every summer. But I don't know, can big bees live more than one year? Hopefully you and I don't see too many big ones this summer :-)