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Monday, February 18, 2008

I am in shock to say that

I have 2 friends that are either getting a divorce are breaking there engagement.

The friend that is ending her engagement was struggle to do so for a while, they fought to me which was more then normal. I told her that I did not think he was the one, they did not seem like a match (another person just told her this too) I also so said that this will be your life you guys fight about 70% of the time and it is not going to change when you say "I do". I said to her that she really needed to figure out what she wants, either way I will back her up. Over the weekend they went away and I guess he was rude, mean and threating to her.....I then asked her if her decision was made her response....H*LL YEAH! We are done.

That make 2 engagement for her and no wedding, I really hope she find that guy the one to make her smile laugh and to let her be her.

My other friend, I was taken by total surprise that her and her dh has separated and lawyers are involved and a big custody battle for little C (the 22m old dd). I know just before x-mas the were have some "issues" but wow never saw this coming....makes me sad.

I can not imagine breaking up with my dh, I just can't. I told him I am not going anywhere and he said well I guess your stuck with me then....

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