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Monday, March 13, 2006

Needle Day......

My poor little boy got poked again today.

I arrive at the clinic and once again I forgot how warm it is in there and I was wearing a light jacket. Undressed Orion he was babbling away the nurse calls his name we go over to get him weighed. Orion is a little flirt he kept eyeing the nurse and when she'd look at he'd give her a big ole slobbery smile, that was it once I put him on the weigh scale took his diaper off he did not like that and cried. Once back in my arms he was a happy camper only to be put down again to be measured once again he was not

Weight ~ 14.1 lbs

Height ~ 26. Inches (I think she said)
Head Cir ~ 17 inches

he is in the 25% range.

Now for the needle and boy he was not happy about it let me tell ya. I was holding him in my lap clapping his hands when she poked him not once, not twice but three time and he cried so hard he held his breathe. The nurse was trying to show him a flashing toy but his eyes were closed so tight to even see it and crying to hard to hear us. I stood up and bounced him some then he calmed down then the nurse showed him the toy again, Orion reaches out to try and grab it he was a bit clumsy at 1st but he did manage to grab it. We then sat around for 15min to see if he'd have a reaction and at 2:15pm we left and went shopping.

Went to Zellers then Toys R us looking for a potty for him (yeah I know he still has a ways to go) I used up one of my gift cards for the baby shower and I thought a potty would be a good thing to get with it. I bought the 1st Years Disney Potty.

fun sounds encourage your little one
Pooh and friends make toilet training less intimidating
high backrest helps your child feel secure
lift-out pot for easy emptying and cleaning
easy grip handles for a sense of security
detachable seat fits family toilet
sturdy base converts to a handy step stool

Starts as your child's own toilet, later a trainer for the family toilet and a handy step stool - featuring Winnie the Pooh. Sturdy step stool has skid resistant surface and feet.

I think it is cute.

Orion is starting to show interest in sitting up he last about 7 seconds then off to the front, side or back he goes, smiling all the way.

To hear Orion click here ~ Squeal

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Stephanie said...

OMG, this pic is even cuter. What a sweetie. I reaaly like the Pooh potty (is that a pun?). We didn't get one yet, and I love Whinnie the Pooh. I always feel so bad when you have to do something that hurts them. :( Poor little guy.