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Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Orion's birth story...

I woke up Monday moring got ready for work and I felt just fine.
On my drive to work Orion was kicking up a storm so I new all was fine with him too. I got to work at 8:30am The new girl I am trainging for my postition has arrived aswell (she was only hired last monday) at about 9:30ish I remembered I needed to call my OB to schedual my next appointment with him, as I was talking with the nurse I felt some fluid come out of me (you know I ignored it thought it was just a bunch of CM coming out, So I hung up the phone and sat there a moment (why I don't know) that is when I felt more come out...hmmmm I thought. I went to the bathroom and that is when I noticed that it was clear fluid not the thick creamy CM I normally have...hmmm.

I went and asked a couple of the girls that have had kids what it was like when their waters broke, one said hers never broke on there own the other said she had a big gush of fluid, From then on "k" kept following me around because she said I was going into labor while I was in I stayed at work a bit longer when I had more fluid come out, the girls made me call the Dr.. The nurse said sounds like your waters and transeferd me to the hospital labor and deliever floor they told me to come in right away so they could test to make sure it was my waters. I hung up the phone said to the girls guess I am going to the Hospital, I called dh when he answered I asked what he was doing, he said he was "just checking his scheudal for work , why?" I said "Well I am on my way to the Hospital." he said REALLY with so much excitement in his vocie and that is what made me start to cry, It was finally happening.... I said "Yes really, I have had some steady fluid and they want to check it out, so I will meet you there." I could not stop crying when I was done talking to him. "B" came up at that point to comfort me some saying it's ok, my boss came around the corner at that time and asked whats wrong I said I think my water broke. He said well that is great news why the tears? I could not speak just shrugged my shoulders and waved my hands with a nervous That is when "K" pulled up in her car ( I did not even see her leave to get it) and insisted she was driving me to the Hospital No way they would let me drive.

"k" asked if she could do a little prayer for Orion. I said sure. She said a prayer and asked for everything to be alright with Orion and that he comes out healthy. When "K" pulled up to the Hosp. I saw DH already there waiting (that is the 1st time he has arrived before me..) As "K" pulled away she yelled out the window "I expect to see you back at work for 2pm"

DH & I went to the Labor and Delievery floor (5th Floor, unit 51) They were waiting for me, the nurse took me into a big room and when I walked in all I could hear were heart beat monitors beating away sounded like a bunch of little drums going. Dr came to see me a few minutes later Dr H (a resident) she asked us questions we told of my history. She then checked me internally did a swab check and yup it was my water that have broke she also noticed that my cervix was open a slight bit when she left I mentioned to DH that I am having back pains and was not sure if it was labor starting or just in my head. Dr Nick came to see me with Dr H they explained that they were going to give me some antibiotics and IV to hopefully stop labor, that is when I told them that I was having some back pain dh was timing them it was every 20minutes well that got them jumping to get the IV hooked up to me, DR N was wanting to prolong labor till I reached atleast 34weeks (which was friday) DH & I just looked at each other as we knew Orion was coming tonight.... Dr H came back about 1/2hr later (3pm'ish) and check my cervix again and said I was 2cm dialated and at that point they got a labor room ready for me and wheeled me on over. My contractions were coming closer togerth at this point so the Dr order some morphine to take some of the edge off (it worked for a bit) The nurse also notice that either my heart rate was dropping or orions she could not tell, she called Dr N back to the room. Dr N came in and watch the heart rate monitor and was not so sure himself so with me being 2cm dialted he decided to insert a little monitor on to Orion's head. Dr left us alone again. Dr N & H came back a few times to see how things were going I remember the nurse telling them that the contraction are pretty close. At this point my mum/stepdad and Sister have arrived and were hanging out in the room with us. I remember telling the nurse that the contractions were getting very strong so she called back Dr N he came in pretty quick and decided to check my cervix (which is quiet uncomfortable when you are in the middle of a contraction) I was wiggling about so he stoped when the contraction ended I said to him Ok quick check it out...he laughed. He checked and seemed shocked because I was 8cm dialated then he doubled check to make sure yup 8cm. (the time was 7:50pm) he said now is the time to decide if you want an epidural or not I hummed and hawed looked at DH he said your the one in pain you so I opt for the epidural. I swear the epi Dr was waiting out the door because he was there in a matter of seconds. The needle for the epidural was not bad it was the STAYING STILL part thru a contraction for him to insert it, poor DH was feeling

After that I was able to relax some but ended up getting the shakes from the epi I was relaxed but my body felt like I was convulsing at 8:30 I told the nurse I felt like I needed to push, she aksed me to push when I did she was inpressed so again she called Dr N he came in right away checked the cervix again I was 10 cm, that was when they asked my sisters and stepdad to leave (mum stayed in the room) and no sooner did they leave that about 10 other medical staff came in to the room introduced themselves (Dr's for Orion since he was a premie) It was quite funny because Dh ended up knowing the resident Dr that was assisting in the delievery with Dr N. (this was her 1st hands on delievery) I was now pushing.... then the urge to push would stop and we would all sit and wait for the need to push again, it was like at one moment that all I needed to do was push push push then nothing and we would wait At one point Dh was checking the video camera and the Dr yelled for him to come look and see your babys head, DH came charging over. DH was holding a mirror so I could see Orion's head and with every push see him come out more, All I kept thinking in my head was OMG can I do this, to I am doing this, to I can't do this, to OMG his head I am doing this.... when Orion's head was almost out I started to say OWE OWE OWE I felt the tear then I thought I just need to push and I did and my little boys head popped out... the Dr then wiggled his shoulders out and that is when I heard the most wonderful sound my SON's 1st cry, then I cried. DH kissed me and kissed me, Dr N asked if dh wanted to cut the cord which he did. Then Dh went to the side where they were checking out Orion. I was trying to see but there were so may Dr in the way but I could hear him cry. I remember my mum still standing there staring at me with the camera in her hand I said mum go to Orion take pictures, she was like oh I think grandma was in AH.

After they where done I got to hold Orion for a few moments gave him a kiss and I fell inlove all over again..

They took Orion and DH to the SCN (Special Care Nursery) and the nurse stayed with me had me shower then she wheeled me to meet my son.

Apgar scores: 9 / 9.5

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